Fire Detection, Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Detection

Fire detection systems utilise one or more essential principles depending on their capabilities, these can include: temperature variance, air particulate measurement and infra-red monitoring.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems integrate a combination of audible and visual elements to notify site personnel and visitors of fire threat. Fire locations can be pinpointed via fire detection system hardware.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems are defined as being either automated or manual operation. Sprinkler arrays, gas emission, and fire extinguishers all fall under the category of fire suppression.

The Responsibilities of A Business Owner

Fire detection and fire alarm systems are the responsibility for any business owner or premise manager. The first step in observing regulation compliance requires the undertaking of a risk assessment in order to determine whether or not there is a need for a fire detection / fire alarm system, and to evaluate the the complexity / capabilities of the system to be installed.

Audio & Visual Alarms

Time is essential when fire breaks out, audible and sometimes visual warning systems (site dependent) provide critical moments for personnel and visitors to make an exit out to a safe area away from danger.

Fire Suppression 

Integrating fire suppression options into a site can make the difference between closure during renovations and rebuilding, or just sectioning off of the damaged area whilst minor repairs are carried out.

Services we offer:

Risk Assessments

Fire Alarm Design

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Commissioning

Fire Alarm Maintenance*

Fire Alarm Servicing

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

Training of Staff

*Dependent upon system Annual/Six Month or Quarterly

What Happens if Business’s Don’t Comply?

If a company breaks the law on fire safety and protection, there can be severe financial penalties and even imprisonment for business owners and managerial staff that have duties to ensure regulations are observed.


How Often Should Systems Be Tested?

There is no time limit for weekly testing of Manual Break Glass Units, as long as a different one is tested every week. All Fire detection should be tested once a year by a certified third-party, Neuro Systems presently hold the appropriate certification.


How Can Neuro Systems Help?

Our highly trained team will make sure that your business meets all of the requirements imposed by EU legislation, BS 5839 standards, your insurance company, and your local Fire Officer. We have over 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining fire alarm systems for businesses and organisations across the East Midlands.

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