CCTV – Closed Circuit Television Systems

CCTV Installation

Neuro Systems routinely provide premise security surveys, having dialogue with clients to determine their precise needs and making informed recommendations whenever appropriate.

Survey engineers either devise a network / installation plan from scratch or work with site security managers to develop a CCTV solution that fulfils all client objectives.

What are the popular uses of CCTV?

  • Staff observation for safety
  • Site security to monitor non-authorised activity
  • Facial & number plate recognition
  • Criminal deterrent

Where does Neuro Systems install CCTV?

  • Leisure and Recreation Sites
  • Holiday / Caravan Parks
  • Car Parks
  • Gaming & Vending Machine Areas
  • Reception Areas & Bars
  • Cash Rooms
  • Retail Outlets
  • Hospitals

What CCTV services do Neuro Systems offer?


Site survey and CCTV equipment installation


Routine equipment inspection, testing and repairs


Adding or replacing new equipment to extend and improve existing capabilities.

What CCTV options are available?

Advancing technology has made wider capabilities available with a decrease in expenditure. High and ultra-high definition technology is available in most modern camera networks. The minimum is at least 720p, with more than most systems capable of Full HD (1080p) as standard. Through advanced control software available on systems combined with powerful compression algorithms, CCTV footage can be neatly stored on low-cost HDD media. It is even possible to make remote, audible announcements through PA speakers, provided they are installed.

Camera Options

  • Infra-red low light
  • 720p – 4K image resolution
  • Wired and wireless versions

Storage Options

  • Single disk storage
  • Multi-disk (mirrored) storage
  • Codec compressed cloud storage

Remote Access

  • Smart device access
  • Desktop browser access
  • Cloud storage access


  • PA loud speakers
  • Glare lights

What can the CCTV software do?

With high definition and above, the correct system software is capable of performing some extended routines.

  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Facial recognition searches
  • Direct emailing of camera stills sent to the client.

How Can Neuro Systems Help?

Our highly trained team will make sure that your business meets all of the requirements imposed by EU legislation, BS 5839 standards, your insurance company, and your local Fire Officer. We have over 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining fire alarm systems for businesses and organisations across the East Midlands.

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