Neuro Systems – Security

Security, surveillance and asset protection using modern, reliable and effective systems and their components. Experienced professionals with an extensive, respected track record for project completion on time, in budget and reputed aftercare services.

Access Control Systems

Protecting your site from unwanted access, ensuring that only qualified and authorised personnel can enter and work in defined areas of your premises. Options available from mechanical to hi-tec multi-user control.


Modern, quality surveillance systems featuring formidable capabilities.  Night vision, high and ultra high resolution. Smart security for the ‘smart device’ operator, local and remote access with the option for cloud data storage.

Intruder Alarms

Articulated alarm systems with options to add a variety of sensing mechanisms designed to deter, protect and alert you concerning activities from undesirables sarrempting to infiltrate your premises.

How Can Neuro Systems Help?

Skilled and trained risk assessment members readily capable of prescribing the appropriate hardware and software to suit all client business types and their premises. You can contact us via the web contact form, or just call the main office number – 0115 9384782

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