Fire Refuge Systems

Through the use of the a disabled refuge unit, a person awaiting assistance is afforded the ability to speak directly with person(s) in control of building evacuation. In a fire situation, the system enables evacuation staff to provide updates and reassurance to the refuge person.

Fire refuge systems are commonly referred to as EVC (Emergency Voice Communication) systems. The EVC array features battery backup and is for use in the event of a fire, different outstation types can be fitted that allow for different methods of communication such as hands free or hand held.

Components of A Fire Refuge Call System – Emergency Voice Communication

There are several components that comprise the installation of a fire refuge system. These are a prescribed refuge area, a control panel and a disabled refuge unit. The installation, placement and location for all components of the EVC system is governed by British Standards

The Refuge Area

The fire refuge area is a designated place of safety for a person(s) to wait for help during the evacuation of a building. In order for an area to be classed as fit for purpose, British Standard BS5839-9 sets out controls that prescribe certain attributes such as location, size, and communication panel types.

The Disabled Refuge Unit

Fire refuge systems fundamentally incorporate disabled refuge units, these are sometimes referred to as remotes or outstations. All disabled refuge units are designed to provide hands free two-way communication between the refuge area and the base station control panel.

EVC Control Panel

Featuring a telephone style handset with various buttons and controls, the EVC control panel is used by building managers, designated personnel and fire officers. The operator is able to communicate to users near the outstations on the EVC system (fire telephones, disabled refuge units, toilet alarms).

Disabled Refuge Communication System – Legislation

A disabled refuge system has to be active even if there is not a fire, it is there for persons who endure mobility impairment, people with arthritic problems, sufferers of leg and back injuries and pregnant women within a term period greater than 6 months.

How Can Neuro Systems Help?

Our highly trained team will make sure that your business meets all of the requirements imposed by EU legislation, BS 5839 standards, your insurance company, and your local Fire Officer. We have over 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining fire alarm systems for businesses and organisations across the East Midlands.

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