Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems are a frontline defense used to buy minutes for personnel, key assets, facilities, and the environment in the outbreak of fire. Neuro Systems are qualified to install and service suppression systems for industrial, commercial and special hazard applications.

Portable Fire Suppression

Neuro systems supply and fit a diverse range or portable fire suppression products to suit a wide scope of applications and locations. The options range all the way from lightweight canisters through to large volume wheel mounted fire extinguishers.

Water Extinguishers

  • Class A fires
  • 6-9 KG available
  • Stainless Steel option
  • Low cost
  • Water additive option

CO2 Extinguishers

  • Class B & Electrical
  • 2-20 KG available
  • Stainless Steel option
  • No residue
  • Harmless to appliances

Wet Chemical

  • Class A, B & F Fires
  • 2-6 Litre available
  • Stainless steel option
  • Ideal for kitchens
  • Highly efficient


  • Class A & B fires
  • 1-100 lire available
  • Stainless steel option
  • Prevents re-ignition
  • High fire rating

Dry 'Powder

  • Class A-E fires
  • 1-100 Kg available
  • Stainless steel option
  • Cost friendly
  • Good all round choice

Ancillary Fire Products

To complement and support the fire extinguisher range, there are ancillary products available, these include fire blankets, signage and approved fire safety training programmes.

Fire Blankets

Close quarter fire suppression blanket, that can be used to extinguish a small fire or wrap around a person, cutting off oxygen directly to the fire.

Fire Signage

Provision and fixing of required fire appliance and safety signage to conform with health and safety regulations.

Fire Safety Training

Certified fire safety training programmes administered and supervised by qualified company officers at your site location.

Fixed Installation Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Some commercial, residential and industrial environments may require the installation of automated systems. These fixed installation fire suppression systems are designed to quickly isolate and control the fire before it spreads across flammable materials. There are options available that leave little to no residue, protecting both goods and equipment, reducing downtime for businesses.

FyreLine System

  • Heat detection
  • Cost effective
  • Easy cable replacement
  • CE 27EE approved
  • Can be used in hazardous areas


Aspirating Smoke Detection

  • Very early warning
  • Ideal for open spaces
  • Multi environment suitable
  • Discrete detection – hidden pipes
  • Alternative to beam detectors

ANSUL Kitchen Fire Suppresion

  • Fire focus point suppression
  • Non corrosive agent
  • Rapid cleanup – fast reopen of kitchen
  • Small storage space
  • Suitable for fryers and ovens

Localised smoke detection

There are two common types of ceiling and wall mounted smoke detectors. These are categorised as ionisation and optical detectors. 

Optical Smoke Detector

An optical smoke detector is designed to detect smoke by way of light sensors, usually infra-red LED. When an instance of smoke particles pass through the chamber housing the optical detector, the light is scattered affecting the full intensity of light that would normally be received at the sensor. The alarm is triggered when the light intensity falls below a defined threshold.

Ionisation Detector

Ionisation detectors work on the principle of comparing the ionisation levels of the air inside the chamber against a calibrated standard for regular atmospheric pressures and temperatures. When smoke particles pass through the chamber, this causes the ionisation level to drop, subsequently, the alarm is activated.

How Can Neuro Systems Help?

Our highly trained team will make sure that your business meets all of the requirements imposed by EU legislation, BS 5839 standards, your insurance company, and your local Fire Officer. We have over 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining fire alarm systems for businesses and organisations across the East Midlands.

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